Greetings from Springfield, Virginia and thanks for stopping by!   Like it or not, you've reached the website of Ray 'Olgoat' Stone, retired Chief Torpedoman and submariner extrodinaire.  This is the humble home of the famous 'AFTER BATTERY', repository of submarine sea stories and various yarns written by a few old 'stove-up' diesel boat sailors and even some 'glow boat' sailors alike.  Since submariners always seem to have a natural affinity for gathering in certain 'watering holes' strategically placed around the planet, and sharing absolute truths regarding their exploits while punching holes in the world's oceans, I can almost guarantee the information shared here is devoid of any misrepresentation, deception, dissembling, or otherwise deviation from what otherwise can be only considered as:

Absolute Straight Skinny

So, venture forth and enjoy, in the knowledge that you'll come away from here with a MUCH better understanding of those who go down to the sea in submersibles.  

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